Precision Brass Strip
Cold Rolled Narrow Strip.
Specialists supplier of precision slit brass narrow strip in coils.
Hollinbrow supply thin strips in a multiplicity of grades. We are able to offer demanding specifications which have been manufactured to our customers requirements. Or we can offer slit coil from a range of stock materials.
Depending on the thickness width combination we can slit from 1.50mm wide to 610mm wide.
Let us know what your would like and we’ll confirm whether it is achievable.
We can produce special edges in deburred, rounded, or chamfered design or according to drawings with specific properties. We are able to offer narrow precision tolerances for steel strips starting from 1.5mm wide.

Grades we supply:

Copper Alloys – Cu-OFE
Euro Standard – CW009A
ASTM Standard – C10100
British Standard (now obsolete) – C110

Copper Alloys – Cu-OF
Euro Standard – CW008A
ASTM Standard – C10200
British Standard (now obsolete) – C103

Copper Alloys – Cu-HCP
Euro Standard – CW021A
ASTM Standard – C10300
British Standard (now obsolete) – C102

Copper Alloys – Cu-PHC
Euro Standard – CW020A
ASTM Standard – C10300
British Standard (now obsolete) – C102

Copper Alloys – Cu-ETP
Euro Standard – CW004A
ASTM Standard – C11000
British Standard (now obsolete) – C101

Copper Alloys – Cu-DHP
Euro Standard – CW024A
ASTM Standard – C12200
British Standard (now obsolete) – C106

Available in the following conditions:
Half Hard
Full Hard
Spring Hard